Why we shouldn’t wear the same pajamas MORE THAN 2 NIGHTS in a row


Can we wear the same pajamas for a week? When should it start heading to the washing machine?

Men change their pajamas on average every 7 nights. Women typically wait up to 14 nights to throw away their pajamas. Most women have multiple sets of pajamas and tend to forget how long they’ve been outside. While sleeping in your pajamas may seem harmless, it can have dire consequences. Knowing that their beds are already natural reservoirs of microscopic beasts.

At MUTINY BAY, we’re curious how the habit of going to bed in old pajamas can affect you.

1. You sleep in an unhealthy environment.


Pajamas fit snugly against your skin. Wearing the same piece of fabric over and over can cause bacteria and dead skin cells to build upon your clothes. Even if you wash your sheets regularly, they won’t stay fresh for long because they’re in direct contact with unwashed pajamas. Wearing the same pajamas night after night can lead to infections that are difficult to treat.

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