Why we shouldn’t be reading or talking on the phone on the toilet ?


We never let go of our smartphones or even go to the bathroom. But this is an unhygienic habit and should be banned. Why do we spend so much time in the bathroom? Maybe it’s because we take advantage of this little privacy to message and check our apps and social networks… yes, we don’t let go of our smartphones or even go to the toilet!

According to a survey in the United States, the average person spends just over 3 hours a week in the bathroom. This is well above the recommended 10 to 15 minutes per day, or about 1 hour and 45 minutes per week. If you’re wondering how those hours are spent, your phone is your answer. Not surprisingly, 75% of Americans admit to using their phone in the bathroom.

Mutiny BAY draws your attention to 6 worrisome reasons why you shouldn’t spend more than 15 minutes in the bathroom reading a book or using your phone.

1. Our phones are a haven for germs.

Cell phones are very successful at spreading and absorbing germs. When wiped, they can transfer bacteria from their surface to your private parts. They can also pick up germs from any bathroom surface when washing or washing your hands.

Research suggests that cell phones are responsible for the spread of MRSA superbugs in healthcare settings. This could mean that random patients could become infected.

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