Creatures that can crawl through toilets and how to stop them


If you’ve ever wondered why bugs and other pests patronize your bathroom, it’s because of humidity. Especially when it comes to toilet seats, many people fail to consistently and thoroughly clean them. Rinsing is not enough as it will leave a residue that is enough to attract all fake guests.

Mutiny bay wants you to know that many pests can crawl into your home through your toilet, and there are ways to prevent this from happening.

1. Snake

Snakes only like cool, damp, and dark places, which is why your toilet plumbing is so attractive to them. But it was the sewers that drove them here in the first place, which contained food scraps for them to eat. When they’re done eating down the drain, they’ll look for a way out, and pipes are the easiest and quickest way. However, if you live in a cold environment, you should not be afraid, as snakes will only sneak into the toilet in warm countries.

Most harmless snakes, such as garden snakes or tree snakes, will crawl through pipes. That’s because these snakes are more slender than venomous snakes and can fit through pipes. Although some pythons have appeared in the toilets of people in South America and Australia.

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