9 things about your health that your tongue tells you


Ridge tongue

A ridged tongue may just be a sign of aging (yes, tongues age too). Usually, cracks are safe, but if you don’t brush your teeth well enough, an infection can occur. Fungal infections can develop in the cracks, causing severe pain and burning. This disorder is likely to be treated with special medications. You may also develop a ridged tongue if your dental implants are not placed correctly.

White spots on the tongue

These spots may indicate that something is irritating the skin. For example, this can be caused by teeth constantly rubbing against the tongue. However, in most cases, these spots are caused by increased cell production in smokers. Between 5% and 17% of these cells may be precancerous lesions. If the spots don’t go away within a few weeks, be sure to see your doctor and have any necessary tests.

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